Favorite Charity Walks Jughead Did in Move To White Plains

After My Move from New Haven Connecticut to White Plains NY I have taken a bunch of Charity Walks in the First Year There. I do those Charity Walks because I get plenty of Exercise to Lose Weight, I have a good time and meet many different people on them plus it helps out alot of good causes and the White Plains Area had plenty of them that I went to. First I went to my First March of Dimes Walk. I got that info from Kacey a DJ at a favorite radio station WHUD, after I met her at a Job Fair one month after my big move and she was there and I have collected contributions from many people and raised about 75 Dollars and it helped alot of sick orphans and children out. It was supposed to be a big long walk but it did rain that day and I had a slight cold so the walk was shortened. Then came the Human Race Walk which I also took from information I got from Search For Change a vocational place that I belonged to. That walk I got from a worker at Search For Change and it got cancelled to a different day and because of its rescheduling the walk was just a long one around the campus but I had a great time at it. I did meet a ton of people at it and only had to contribute Ten Bucks toward it. After that came other Walks in which I have photos of which you can look in each section below.

The AHA 2002 Walk

Around September of 2002 I would watch News12 in Westchester County Mostly when working out at NY Sports Club. On it one of my favorite of the Anchor Team named Lisa La Rocca said she was gonna be walking so I have decided to come and do that walk and it took place at Kensico Dam in Valhalla NY just north of White Plains NY where I live. I wanted to get good exercise and also do that walk too. So I decided that I would go there and it was just a short train ride away. Kacey from WHUD didn't attend but another DJ Andy Bale was there and I got there and registered and met a new friend there named Sheila. She was so happy to see me and loved meeting me and making friends with me and wishing me well on that walk after her speech. Then came the walk which was just 2 miles on a path in a park following the Bronx River Parkway and back and when I returned Sheila was happy I made it through the walk and also Lisa La Rocca of News12 was super glad I made it through the walk too. Here are three photos of the walk of me by the Kensico Dam and me and Sheila and Me and Lisa La Rocca.


The March of Dimes 2002 Walk

Just before April of 2003 The March of Dimes has sent me a form in the mail of remembering that I participated in Walk America or March of Dimes walk 2002 so they have decided to send an envelope in the mail for me to participate in Walk America 2003. I wanted to collect as much as possible to save sick children, orphans and babies so besides my own donation I have collected from many sponsors at places where people knew me. Many of them gave me big donations including one 20 dollar donation. My total that I have collected in all including my own donation and those from the many sponsors came to 160 dollars which did earn me a March of Dimes Walk America teeshirt. When I arrived I registered with my form already made up and gave the 160 bucks in a an envelope to the person taking my registration and I got my March of Dimes teeshirt. After that I had some breakfast foods of bagels mingled around and saw the bagpipes National Guard March and other forms of entertainment. Plus there was also the factor that I met characters dressed up including Snow White. Besides meeting the characters Bank Of New York was there and so was the Tiger Shulman Karate Group. I also was by a Radio Booth there and it wasn't the WHUD Radio Booth but it was the WFAS which is another radio station I sometimes listen to in White Plains. I also met one of the head people that worked for March of Dimes named Annette. She was so proud of me of the way I got many sponsors to donate and was happy I got the teeshirt and also was happy that I did raise 160 bucks to help the children that needed it. After that the walk started and it was a very long walk. I got the checkpoint sheet and there were many checkpoints including the Almost There one to check the checkpoint cards as I was walking and this time it was an 8 mile walk that took over 3 hours to do. When I got to the Almost There booth I knew that I made it. Here is a photo below of me and Annette, that I met there.

Here are photos that relate to the WFAS Radio Station.


Here are photos of the March of Dimes Walk


The Arthristis 2003 Walk


In May of 2003 The Arthritis Foundation sponsored a 2 mile Charity Walk to raise money for people with Arthritis. I found out about that walk when I picked up the brochure at a place I have volunteered at and this walk took place in New York City from Battery Park through Battery Park City and along the walkway of the lower Hudson River Area. I did get a teeshirt there and I my donation there was just my own of 20 bucks which was 10 bucks of registering and 10 bucks for the teeshirt of the Arthritis Walk plus I met two special people there as well before the walk which were a woman named Kelly Gifford and a person who was happy to meet me and congratulated me at the end of the walk named Debbie. I also mingled with many others. Plus I did take walks around the Battery Park Area then came speeches from people of the United Arthritis Foundation including one from Actress Donna Mills. It was a super walk from Battery Park through the residential community of Battery Park City and along the Hudson River Boardwalk up two miles and back and there were signpost girls directing us as we did the walk and we did get good views of the Hudson and also passed by the Ground Zero area from that World Trade Center collaspe.From the two mile walk I made it all the way and both Debbie and Kelly Gifford were both proud of me in doing it. Here are photos of me and Kelly Gifford and me and Debbie.

Here are also some photos of me on the Arthritis Walk


Here are photos of two sign ladies during Arthritis Walk

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