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Before I joined Weight Watchers I had crazy urges of all kinds and cravings for many types of foods. Even after I had my dinner or lunch or snacks I was always out of control on eating even on anxieties and I would gain more weight and other times I would lose weight but gain it back quicker and more. One time a meeting leader said a way to control it which was heard in many ways at many times is Will Power. But at one meeting I spoke up mentioning Point Power and Journal Power. The way that is controlled in my Weight Watchers Diet is now I am paying attention to what I am eating and recording it in my journal. Along in that journal I am keeping track of activity points I am earning and points I am banking and points I am eating and planning on eating and keeping a journal is very helpful between meetings and it helps me lose weight and not go on uncontrollable urges and when my journal has a large bank then I can have my feasts special meals, special occasions, and even special restaurants. My journal keeps me disciplined mostly when at the end of the day after I have my dinner and sometimes dessert I no longer snack after dinner which used to put tons of extra pounds on me. At meetings some leaders and many members mention I can't help these cravings and I have to have another one or seconds or thirds but with me its not that way. Anything I eat at anytime has to be recorded in that journal and that keeps me from having more like another candy of any kind which does happen to be 8 points. That way helps me get weight off which including time at the gym using cardiovascular and weight machines. Because of that journal pounds come off of me and with Weight Watchers and the Journal I don't gain it back. Inside the journal besides writing the foods I eat and the point values of the foods I eat, I put in the new weight total each week from meeting and on a graph the number of pounds I lost each week. I always carry that journal in my pocket where I go and I know alot of the points by heart and I look in previous journal entries to write up the points in it and sometimes I show the journal to other friends I have made at Weight Watchers Meetings. That journal is a big road to success in Weight Loss.  Here are photos of me after people have noticed my weight loss thanks to a long road of success with Journal Power:


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