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For the past long time about more than a decade I kept getting fatter and fatter and fatter and if I did lose some weight I kept Yoyoing alot many times and if I did lose weight I would keep gaining it back. I had cravings for lots of things like Hotdogs when I was young and mostly pizza lots of times. When there were Pizza Parties I would want seconds and thirds and fourths and so on and I also loved the Ravioli meal and liked Pasta also mostly with sauce and grated cheese. Please speaking of Pizza I did feel sorry for Kevin Mc Allister in the movie Home Alone when on the night they had pizza that he had to get sent to bed without supper. Plus desserts were my weaknesses like Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream and some sundaes and Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Pudding and also candy and cookies too. Plus I loved renting movies and sitting at them with the Pizza and desserts and as time and time went on I kept on gaining weight so what I did was get advice from a mentor of mine and he suggested that I look up a Weight Watcher Meeting in my area and I went to this Weight Watchers Web Site and did the find the meeting search in my area and since I joined them they have helped me out.

How Weight Watchers Diet and its Plan Works

There are many different types of ways to lose weight and alot of people have to pay a couple hundred bucks just to stay at a Fat Farm for several months and with alot of diets you have to give up tons of your favorite foods but however with Weightwatchers they make it where you are not suffering and you still get to have your favorite foods and you are on a point and journal system plus you have meetings in your area to look forward to and you get to enjoy asking the meeting leader many questions and you get to meet other friendly people at your meeting whom you get to know. Plus many diets have you count calories but however with Weight Watchers instead of counting calories you count points. Plus those points are alot of fun to work in and so is the journal and I know many people think its hard work to lose that weight but in a way you are being your own Tom Sawyer in convinceing yourself you want to bank extra points at the gym to have treats and pizza and pasta and ice cream some of time and you wish to do it the same way Tom Sawyer got those other people in saying to them that I don't get to paint a fence like this every day in which it was a punishment given to him by his Aunt Polly for that fight he got into with Joe Harper. He fooled them into thinking that hard work was a fun thing in which he doesn't get to do every day and Weight Watchers had me do that to myself to make me want to stick with their plan and as long as I go to that gym while in process none of my favorite foods are taken away 100 percent and I am still losing weight so Weight Watchers is one of the enjoyable ways there is to keep on losing alot of weight.

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