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How Meetings Work for Jughead


One of the ways the Weight Watcher Place helps me and all members lose weight besides the Point System Diet Eating Plan and the Extra Points Activity Plan and the Logging Into Journals is a meeting in the area where you live. I go to meetings mostly once a week and they help me out in many ways with my Weight Watcher Points System Diet Plan. Most meetings take place at a Weight Watcher Place in or near the area where you live at: Here is a photo of the Weight Watcher Meeting Place near where I live plus the Stop & Shop where I buy my food which is close by it:


At the meeting place where I go to I have many different times of the Week from Monday to Saturday in which I chose to attend but I do one meeting time every week in which many of the friends I have met there go to. I always go to those meetings once a week to learn more things about the Weight Watchers Program and also because its a great social group where you meet many new people and make many new friends in which you share your points plans, your weight loss so far, your journal and other things you like to do and other interests. At my weekly meetings I get to see the bunch of friends that I have made and that help me out with my WW diet and vice versa. What happens at meetings is first you go in the front door then you register at the front desk and pay your weekly fee and then you get weighed every week and if you have lost 5 pounds or more that week you get an award at the beginning of the meeting. After you have your weigh in you get to tell your friends how well you did on your weight and if optional show them your journal of how you did so far and tell them about other things you did in your life in general. You usually have from 30 to 45 minutes of Doors Open Time to meeting start after the weigh ins to chat with your friends. When meeting time starts then the meeting leader starts the meeting handing out awards and hearing what members say about their weight loss to the leader and other meeting WW members. Here is how I looked one time after getting one of my awards

That was just after I lost my first ten pounds & got my award and people were surprised one week when thanks to weight machines at the gym that I lost just 5 pounds in one week. After the awards are handed out then the Meeting Leader with the Board on the Pedistal brings up all types of Weight Loss Topics at each meeting and lets members including myself tell a story of success in the Weight Loss so far. Many of those leaders in ways are very friendly and give you topics and idea in helping you lose your weight. It helped me alot so far as a Weight Watchers Member and I look forward to those meetings every single week. Sometimes if I have time with not much on my calendar or agenda that day, I can go to extra meetings that same week but I don't get weighed in or charged for it but I see other people and make other friends and learn other things besides what I learn on my regular weekly night. Plus after my first meeting followed by the orientation meeting for new first time people I learned what foods to get at the start of the diet on that trip I took to Stop and Shop supermarket just located near my meeting place.

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