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Above is a photo of me about to do activity and besides the food point weight watcher plan one of my weight watcher goals is types of activities I do to earn extra points besides my daily food point range and to reduce and change my metabolism and to be able to still eat some of the favorite things I like plus bank alot more points from activities for special occasions and special meal at favorite restaurants like Diners and Pizza Places and one of my favorite Italian Places, The Pasta Fair. The type of activities that I do that I bank up extra points can be some ordinary walking or some fast dancing but mostly I go to a gym or Health Club and do both Cardiovascular Activities and some Weight Machine Activities. One of the Cardiovascular Activities I do is the Precor and when I am on it for an hour its 10 more points in the bank and plus it 7 & a half for 45 minutes plus I also use a cardiovascular similar to the Precor called the Fit Linx which is 5 points for a half hour. When I use that Precor for an hour I can lose up to 1 or 2 pounds that gym visit. Besides the Cardiovascular machines at the gym that burns up both points and calories there are also weight machines of many kinds I use at the gym. The way weight comes off and points get earned on it is the way I use the weight machines while exercising on them. The way I lose weight from Weight Machine Exercises, is instead of the weight coming off right away is that it comes off one week or two weeks later in the long run is where as I operate the weight machines muscles including small Tricip ones do build up and 72 or more hours later it burns alot of fat thats been stored in my body plus some new fat entering my body plus it changes the metabolism a and thats why Weight Machines are just as important an exercise as the cardiovascular ones Most of my visits in the gym where I use 4 or 5 or 6 different weight machines comes to mostly 4 points and I also do a rope pull exercise which is 1 or 1 and a half points. How I learned how what many points value at each activity was during the first month or less than a month of Weight Watchers while I was a member was, I was given a Point Booster similar to the Calorie Point Food Converter at the first meeting and I figured out the point value from that depending on the exercise pressure, resistance, what type of exercise and the time on the  exercise. Its the same with how much walking and how fast I walk too.

Hunger Walk 2001 Activity

Besides ordinary walking for my daily travels or to get to a bus or any store or place I have to go to I have done some Hunger Walk Activities. This is my third Hunger Walk Activity that I have done and my first while a Weight Watchers Member. Hunger Walk 1999 and Hunger Walk 2000 did go well but Hunger Walk 2001 has earned me 6 walking points when I did it. The Hunger Walk 2001 was slightly different from the ones in 1999 and 2000 because it took place from East Rock Park and its walk was down the long Whitney Avenue. Before the walk I met a special friend by the name of Kathryn whom I chatted with that was a Hunger Walk Staff during the walk registration and here she is:

Here is a photo of me and Kathryn

So after the registration and Entertainment then the walk started and the route was just out of East Rock Park and few turns on side roads and then came a big one down Whitney Avenue and I enjoyed that walk alot and was happy to have earned those 6 Weight Watchers Activity Points. Below is a photo of me walking on Whitney Avenue.

If you would Like to see The Hunger Walks of 2001 and a brief description recap of 2002 which my friend Maria from Turcos helped me out with Please Click on this link below:


Jughead Zone Hunger Walk 2001 and 2002

Besides the Hunger Walk I have also done other Walks For Charity which help in getting my Weight Watcher Activity Points as well and if you would like to the page that its on, please click on the following link below:

Conoco Walkway

Walks for Charity That Jughead Did

Special Olympics 2001 Activity


Besides the Hunger Walk I did another activity known as the Special Olympics and I didn't get many points that day but I had a great time walking around the festival watching others do the activity.  I have met two special people there and another friend of mine was there too. Below are photos of me and those two special people whom are Kristy of KC101 Radio Station and Rachel who works at the Special Olympics.

Here is a photo of me and Kristy

Here is a photo of me and Rachel


Here is a photo of my friend Amy enjoying the Olympics


Above all I had a great time at the Special Olympics doing some walking activity and that evening I did some dancing and earned about 2 points of some of the fast dancing I did there.

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